4 Amazing Australian inventions that changed the world.

Australian can be a creative bunch. Here are 4 best Austrailian inventions that amazed the world

1.Electronic pacemaker

Mark Lidwill (Australian doctor) and Edgar (physicist )Booth developed the first artificial pacemaker in the 1920s. Now, quite three million people worldwide believe in pacemakers to make their hearts beating properly.
Artificial pacemakers send small-scale electric charges into the heart to help it maintain a typical beat. Since the late 1960s, these have been embedded inside the body; the first of these was developed in Sydney and used the invention in 1928 to bring to a stillborn baby – small-scale pulses of electricity were transmitted through a needle straightly into the child’s heart. After 10 minutes, the tools were switched off, the heart gets on with it to beat and the kid created a full recovery.
Best Austrailian inventions till date.

2.Google Maps

The platforms for Google Maps developed in Sydney by Danish brother Lars and Jens Rasmussen in the early 2000s. Along with Australians Neil Gordon and Stephen Ma, they founded a small start-up company called Where 2 Technologies in 2003. The following year it was procured by internet big Google, which also hired the four men, and the technology was turned into what we now know as Google Maps.
Best Austrailian inventions till date.

3.Wi-Fi technology

In 1992 John O’ Sullivan and the CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) developed Wi-Fi technology, used by more than a billion people around the world today. The core parts of the technology came out of research in the mid-1970s in the field of radio astronomy, when John and his colleagues at the CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) were originally looking for the faint echoes of black holes.
As a result of this work, the CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) has held key patents for Wi-Fi technology since the mid-1990s, bringing the organization millions of dollars in royalties every year.
Best Austrailian inventions till date.

4.Frazier lens

In 1993, Australian inventor Jim Frazier’s deep-focus lens was look up in the United States. His innovative lens grant for both the subject and background to be in focus at the similar time. It also has the capability to rotate without moving the camera. The lens is now currently used in movies and film throughout the world. Jim won an Academy Award in 1998 for his contribution.
Best Austrailian inventions till date.

This is all 4 Amazing “Australian inventions” that changed the world.

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