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Basic Concept of HTML,CSS And Javascripts

 Hello, everyone, you are wondering to learn what actually HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts mean then here we are making you all clear. HTML Markup HTML is a true extension of SGML. HTML does a few things differently: HTML restricts which SGML

Evolution of Intel Microprocessors.

Evolution of Intel Microprocessors  4 bit Microprocessors  4004  Introduced in 1971  First microprocessor by Intel   It was a 4-bit microprocessor   Its clock speed was 740 KHz  It had 2,300 transistors  It could execute around 60,000 instructions per seconds  Used in

Bus Structure of 8085 Microprocessor .Easy way to learn.

BUS STRUCTURE  In any microprocessor system, the system bus consists of a number of separate lines. Each line is assigned a particular function. Fundamentally in any system, the system bus can be classified into three functional groups: the address, the data

TechnicalGH’s Tips to Making Money Online! And Success in Life!

Hello everyone, I’m just posting a few tips to help new people to make money online, now these aren’t methods, but they are ways of thought to help you make sure you are making money instead of losing money online! TechnicalGH’s

Simple Tips For Making Quick Money Online|Make Money Online Fast and Get Rich

Hi,I am from TechnicalGh and I’ve written this extremely detailed guide to show you simple tips for quick money online fast. This isn’t going to earn you a living and to get richbut you’ll at least be guarenteed some money. I recommend

What is Linux? All about linux.

 What is Linux? All about linux. You might be wondering why everybody’s talking about linux. What is it?There are two answers to this question. The first is the correct answer, and that is:Linux is the core of an operating system. It’s the