Best Camera Phone Award 2017

Best Camera Phone Award 2017
well, Today we will talk about Best Camera Phone Award 2017  with there specifications and all.
1.Samsung Galaxy S8

Camera Resolution >>12MP Rear/8MP Front-facing
Screen Resolution >>2,960 by 1,440 pixels
Operating System as Tested  >>Android 7.0
CPU >>Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Processor Speed >>2.35 GHz
Dimensions >>5.87 by 2.68 by 0.31 inches
Screen Size >>5.8 inches
Battery Life (As Tested)    >>5 hours, 45 (LTE video streaming) minutes
2.Google Pixel 2 XL
Camera Resolution>> 12.2MP Rear/8MP Front-facing
Screen Resolution >>2,880 by 1,440 pixels
Operating System as Tested >>Android 8.0
CPU>>Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Processor Speed>>2.35 GHz
Dimensions>>6.22 by 3.02 by 0.31 inches
Screen Size>>6 inches

Battery Life (As Tested)>>9 hours, 25 (LTE video streaming) minutes
 These two phone wons the Best Camera Phone Award 2017
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