[Fixed] Class Not Registered Error in Windows 10

As there are many errors and system error codes on Windows which can occur in different locations on the system. While using start button, opening explorer.exe or launching few programs, etc “Class not Registered” error may occur time to time

This error is pretty much a hectic task to fix. But don’t panic TechnicalGh got some useful techniques and methods here in this article to resolve it.

“Class not Registered” doesn’t return an error code and neither provides much information on what exactly is bugged or going wrong. Which is why it is a bit tough to be traced and fixed out.

“Class not Registered” error occurs on windows operating system when a DLL file gets somehow corrupted or becomes unregistered. DLL files play a crucial role for less memory consumption while execution of the program.

Whenever the DLL file is updated to a newer version (or overwritten with another version) or removed from the computer – the program relying on that particular DLL file might fail or no longer work properly.

In order to run the program correctly without any failure, DLL files come in play as it contains information and instructions related to the program.

Page Content:

  1. A system file checker scan
  2. Resetting Default Apps
  3. Restart Windows Explorer
  4. Address the error using Component Services
  5. Re-registration of ExplorerFrame.dll file
  6. Check Your Hard Drive
  7. Video:  How To Fix ‘Class Not Registered’ Error

 Method 1 – A system file checker scan

A system file checker scan could help us as a first step.  System File Checker is a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in  Windows system files and restore corrupted files. To run System file checker:

  1. Type  scf  /scannow in Command prompt (Administrator mode).  
  2.  Wait for the process to complete and make repairs(if any).

Method 2- Resetting Default Apps

  1.  Open up Default apps into the Windows Search box.
 Class Not Registered Error in Windows 10

 2. Locate Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults section and click on the Reset button.

how to fix Class not Registered

Method 3 – Restart Windows Explorer

  1. Open up Task Manager (ctrl+shift+Esc).
  2. Find Windows Explorer(usually found in the bottom of the list) in the Processes segment and right-click it.
  3. Click Restart.
Class not Registered

Method 4 – Address the error using Component Services.

  1.  Type dcomcnfg into the Search Windows box.
  2.  Navigate: Component Services>Computers>My Computer>DCOM Config.
fixed Class not Registered error
  •  Click Yes for each, If register a component box pops up.
  •  Reboot the system and recheck the same above procedure.

Method 5 – Re-registration of ExplorerFrame.dll file

If Class not Registered error shown up while trying to use the Internet Explorer, Reregistering the ExplorerFrame..dll file might help.

  1. Open up a Command prompt (Administrator mode).

2.Type  “regsvr32  ExplorerFrame.dll” and press Enter.

Method 6 – Check Your Hard Drive

As an error, not so often, can occur due to problems in your hard drive. To check the status of your Hard Disk ( working properly or not), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMIC) command-line can be used in Command Prompt. 

WMIC: Command-line and scripting interface that simplifies the use of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and systems managed through WMI. 

  1. Open up a Command prompt (Administrator mode).
  2.  Type “wmic diskdrive get status” and press Enter.

If you receive status as “Caution”, “Bad”, or “Unknown”,  you may be having problems with your drive. In such a case you may investigate further as you might need to replace your hard drive.

Method: Video:  How To Fix ‘Class Not Registered’ Error?

Above video Guide on “How To Fix ‘Class Not Registered’ Error?” is not created by TechnicalGh but we found that video informative so we embedded here for our readers . Copyright :MDTechVideos

 Note:  iCloud, not so often, has been reported by multiple users as the root of this error. Disabling it might help out to resolve the problem. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open up Task Manager (ctrl+shift+Esc).
  2. Under the Startup segment Right-click on iCloud.
  3. Select Disable.

We hope we cover almost all methods on How To Fix ‘Class Not Registered’ Error? Please update us with the status. We will be glad to assist you if you still facing any problems.

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