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Cloud Computing: ‘Microsoft Cloud Computing’ Strategy and its Relevance to IT Professionals

To manage new and challenging business opportunities organizations need to scale their IT resources.Increasing resources through on-premises IT infrastructure involves capital expenditure on new resources and additional costs for managing and maintaining these resources. The cloud offerings by Microsoft(Microsoft‬ ‪Cloud computing) present familiar Microsoft technologies as a utility that you can use according to the business needs of your organization.
Using cloud services organizations can use the IT resources available in a cloud for a specific duration of time and then stop using the resources .when not required by purchasing cloud services on a pay-as-you-go basis organizations can better manage capital expenditures organizations can also focus on their core business activity and assign support functions such as maintaining and managing the IT infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft provides you the choice to move some components such as data or applications from an on-premise.IT infrastructure to a cloud and keep the rest of the components in the on-premises.IT infrastructure by doing so you can use the existing IT s sets of your company and use the cloud to provide required components that can be accessed over the Internet.
 ‘Microsoft cloud computing’ services guarantee the availability security and reliability of data you can stay connected to the services by using various internet-enabled devices from different locations.This helps organizations to be more responsive and ensures timely business decisions.
Microsoft provides resources that help build a robust cloud computing infrastructure.
Microsoft cloud computing services are consistent and ensure maintained connectivity across different platforms and devices microsoft offers a service level agreement SLA of 99.9 percent up time with 24 seven support every day of the year for its cloud computing services Microsoft cloud computing services also benefit IT professionals as an IT professional you can focus on work that utilizes your skills such as managing high-value applications and core business activities, for example, the core business function of a software development company is to create new software however functions such as hardware and software upgrade our non-core business functions that support the core business these non core business functions can be assigned to the cloud allowing you and your organization to focus on developing the core business function resulting in increased competitiveness and a faster time.
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    This time-saving feature permits corporations to get pleasure from quicker processes and improve productivity for workers.Cloud computing will build integration easier for you.Cloud Computing

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