How to deactivate messenger?

How to deactivate messenger?

how to deactivate messenger

Deactivating Facebook messenger is quite easy. Follow the steps and you can easily deactivate Facebook messenger.
Note: To deactivate the messenger, first you need to deactivate your Facebook account.
After successful completion of deactivating the facebook account, follow these steps to deactivate the messenger.
  1.         Open the facebook messenger on your mobile phone.
  2.         Click on your profile picture.
  3.         Scroll in the bar to select the Privacy and terms.
  4.         A new screen will open
  5.         Click on Deactivate Messenger.
  6.         Enter the password
  7.         Click on Deactivate

The completion of the steps deactivates your messenger

Note- To reactivate the messenger just login back to the messenger. That will automatically activate the messenger.

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