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How to download videos from website
We love spending a couple of hours watching videos on YouTube, Vimeo or daily motion or sometimes scrolling facebook & Instagram Newsfeed and engaging ownself in different social media. 
YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are mean for sharing only Video content, while Facebook and Instagram are not mean for sharing Video, its a social media and use for chatting, sharing posts and photos. But also, there is a provision of uploading or sharing videos in these platforms as well. So, In this article, we are listing top ways on ‘How to Download Video from Website‘. 

1. Using Online Downloader:

There are some websites available on the Internet, from where you can directly download the videos from the sites such as YouTube or Facebook by just copying video URL and pasting. Visit the site such as:
1.1 SAVEFROM.NET is a very useful website that works with many popular video websites including YouTube. It also works on other web pages with embedded video. Capture the URL of the page, paste it into the page and select search. The page processes and identifies the video if it can and then provides options for quality. Select the quality you want and hit Download.
VideoGrabby does much the same thing. Once you get over the garish yellow color scheme, the site works well. Paste the page URL into the box and hit Go. The extractor will identify the video if it can and offer quality options. Select your desired quality and download.
1.3 Y2MATE
Y2Mate is a straightforward video capture website. Just paste the page URL in the box and click “Start”. The page will show you all the various quality options, from 144p to 1080p; click Download button next to the version you want and your download will begin.

2. Downloading Extensions:

The next method is to use extensions available in different Chrome or Firefox webstore. These actually do not work for many sites, but from some of the Video sharing platform, we can download videos.
Once you install these extensions, a button will be added in your browser toolbar. Once the site notice video embedded on it, these extensions pop up an alert message saying “Download Video”. Some of the extensions are NetVideoHunter (Firefox), Video Downloader Professional, etc.

3. Installing Third-party Application:

The next method is to install or download third-party applications. There are some applications available for both Mac and Windows, through which you can install videos from video sharing platform.
For Mac, check out MacTubes and for Windows check out Free YouTube Downloader. Internet Download Manager is a popular video downloading third-party applications, which is available in Windows PC.

4. Recording PC screen:

This is not an effective method for downloading videos from the website. But it does work if you really want to get the videos for Offline. Check out the software such as OBS (Google it to know How to use OBS video recording software).

5. Downloading YouTube videos with Python Script:

Here is the small 5 line of Python script, that surely helps you to download the videos from YouTube only.
import pytube
video_link = input(“Paste the URL of Video Link”)
yt = pytube.YouTube(video_link)
videos = yt.streams.first()‘D://Alanwalker’)
Note: you must install pytube. install with the command pip install pytube


YouTube DL is a lot less user-friendly than most of the other approaches in this article; rather than a graphic user interface or a browser extension, it’s an old-fashioned command-line program where you actually have to type your commands.
This isn’t the easy way to do things, but it is very flexible and very powerful. YouTube DL is actively under development and gets regular updates, so it’s likely to continue working on YouTube even as the video site releases security “fixes” to stop these downloading programs from working.
Install YouTube DL as detailed on the install page; you can then either run the program from the command line or by using the optional YouTube DL GUI interface, available for download here.

The interface for YouTube DL is easily mastered, allowing you to add URLs to your download list and view your downloaded files. When downloads finish, they are added to your hard drive.

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