How to Gameshare On PS4

How to gameshare on  PS4

If you’re looking for a way to be able to play your friends and have them play your games without having to purchase in other words known as game sharing then you’ve come to the right place

In today tutorial I’m gonna go ahead and teach you guys how to gameshare on ps4 properly.
What game sharing is for those of you may not know, it is a method to be able to play digital content of somebody else while they play your digital content at the same time. This will allow you to download anything they’ve purchased digitally as well as then download anything you’ve purchased. However, there are few pro tips for this, I’m gonna go through and advise you at the end of this article, so now without any further discussion lets go ahead and get started

For this process, you’ll only need access to your friend’s PS4 and your own account info.

You’ll start by logging into your PlayStation Network Account on your friend’s console. From there, you can select the settings tab on the main menu.

Once,you have complete that then select the “Account management”.
Then after select “Active as your primary ps4”
After this simply select “Active”
Now after this you are able to play with your friends and have them play your games without having to purchase.
Here are the couple of things you must read before doing this: Click-Here

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