How To Get Free Udemy courses | Free Download

How To Get Free Udemy courses | Free Download

How To Get Free Udemy courses

Udemy has become the world’s best learning and teaching platform, with more than 65,000+ courses on its official website, people from all over the world get a chance to learn, whatever they wish at any time, anywhere.

According to Udemy, this online learning platform offers 9 different categories of courses, subdivided into more than 100 categories. As per the latest report, more than 20 million students are learning from Udemy. Because of its worldwide popularity, Udemy offers the courses in 50 different country-native languages.

But the fact is, Udemy offers the maximum number of paid courses and only countable number of courses are free. This is in fact, the most disadvantaged in developing country, where credit or debit or any international transaction system is not possible. But still, students want to get the courses from Udemy. So, here are some tips to get free udemy courses.

Here are some tips for you to get free Udemy courses.

1. Direct connection with Instructor:

    Yes, there are tons of instructor in Udemy, who are accessing their content. So, connecting with these instructors directly helps you to get enrolled in the course for free. You can directly ask for the content, or free coupons or any discount card. Try, what if, it saves you some dollar. 

2. Visiting third party websites:

    There are some websites, who got the courses of Udemy for free. Do visit sites such as DiscUdemy, Guru99 or UdemyCoupon to get the courses you are searching for. Only limited courses are available on these websites. So, try out visiting these websites and access free Udemy courses token. This actually works or if you want to download the courses on your local machine and wants offline, try visiting websites such as free-course-site.

3. Scrolling and visiting groups, pages in Social media:

    There are some groups and pages available in social media, where Instructor ownself, share some of his Udemy courses for free. So, getting In touch with different social media, also helps you to access the free Udemy courses.

Here are some groups, we suggest you to join or visit:




Hope the small article on How to get free Udemy courses, might save you some dollars. We are just helping the students from developing countries, where money sucks in learning anything. 

If you are from Developed countries and don’t hesitate in investing some dollars, please go through the official website of Udemy and purchase the courses. Doing this actually motivates instructor to invest some time, in making the course content more advanced and featured.


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