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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On iPhone

Spotify is the top music streamer app in the App store.  With the access of this app in your device, you can listen to any of the song available in the world of any category. Spotify application is available in free version as well in the paid or premium version. The Free version doesn’t have enough features compared to its premium version. So, in this article, we are listing some steps on How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On iPhone.

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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On iPhone

Features available in Premium version of Spotify:
  •          Unlimited skips
  •          Seeking enabled
  •          No forced Shuffle
  •          Extreme sound quality streaming
  •          No ads
  •          Scrubbing through song and many more…

You can get the Premium version of Spotify either paying cash or redeeming different gift vouchers.  But here are some steps that you need to follow to get the Premium version of Spotify App for free, without paying any dollars.
Step 1: From your IOS device navigate the page:  and search for the application Spotify++.
Step 2: Click the button ‘Get’, placed aside the application name. (Double tap, sometimes the single tap doesn’t work in it).
Step 3: Install the application, by clicking the “Get” button.
Step 4: After a successful installation, try opening the app in your device.
Step 5: You might unable to open the app, due to untrusted enterprise developer error.  ( This error is generated, by installing the application from outsourcing rather than from its own App store.)
Step 6: You can skip this error by navigating the settings of your phone.
Step 7: Open Settings > General > Device Management
Step 8: Search for the app Spotify++, and tap ‘Trust’ option. This will make the application trusted.
Step 9: After finishing up some steps, you can now open the app and enjoy music streaming.
Step 10: After logging in to your Spotify account, you can access the Premium version of Spotify for free.
Skipping these steps, you can access the Spotify Premium for free from the websites listed below. These websites generate the code for activating the Spotify Premium version, based on Premium type.
1.    Spotify Premium Generator:Click Here
2.    Spotify Code Premium Generator: Click Here
Also, follow up these websites to get the Premium Version of Spotify:
1.    Groupon:Click Here
2.    Free Gift Code Generator:
Hope this short information in How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On iPhone is beneficial and profitable for you. 

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