How To Login To Windows 10 Without Password

How To Login To Windows 10 Without Password
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Today technicalgh teach you “windows 10 login without password”.
There is a lot of ways to go about doing this and if you want to see some other ways of doing this then let me know in the comment. But today we teach you best method to windows 10 login without a password. Now move to methods.

Method: Changing a Windows 10 password from an Administrator Account

well, If you can have an access to an administrator account on your computer but you don’t have the password for a specific local account (not a Microsoft account), you can log into the administrator account and change the other account’s password from Control Panel easily.
  • Open start:  Click Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of your computer screen.
  • Open control panel: Type control panel, then click Control Panel in the search results.
  • Click User Accounts. This heading should be on the right half of the Control Panel window. This opens your user account page.
  • Click Manage another account. It’s a link below to your profile picture. This will bring up a list of local accounts, one of which is the account for which you want to change the password you have forgotten.
  • Select your local account. Click the account for which you are willing to change the password.
  • Click Change the password. you find this option to the left of the account’s current profile window
  • Enter a new password. Enter your new password into both text boxes the “New password” and the “Confirm new password” text boxes and don’t make mistake. (Note: You can also add password hints which will help you to remember the password in future)
  • Click Change password. You find this option below the profile window. This will reset the password for your local account, allowing you to log in with your new password the next time you restart your computer.
Following this simple method, you can simply Login To Windows 10 Without Password

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