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How To Read Dump Files 

Sometimes the blue screen appears on our computer screen, giving some warning. The solution to this problem is to restart our PC. 
But we don’t know what program or software is causing these issues. But in most of the case, these problems can be solved by dumb file.  
The dumb file holds the data or modules every new app generates while loading.  Analyzing the Dumb file helps to know what program or software is causing these issues. In this article, we are describing two steps on how to read Dump files.

          Installing BluescreenView

BluescreenView is software programmed by This software lists down all the minidump files that were generated during “Blue screen of Death” and also displays all the information of crashes. 
 Analyzing the result displayed by BluescreenView, we can get the details about the drivers and software which is causing these issues.

         Analyzing Dump file using windbg.exe

Windbg is the debugger for Microsoft machine. This software helps to debug the errors which are causing your windows to be crashed. 
The way of debugging the dump file using this software is called post-mortem debugging. This software automatically read the .dmp files and helps to analyze the driver or software causing these issues.
With the help of any of these two software, you can easily analyze your dump file and solve the issue of the blue screen crash. Hope this short information on how to read dump files is useful for you.

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