How To See WIFI Password on Android | Without Rooted

How To See WIFI Password on Android

How To See WIFI Password on Android
Android smartphones are the most used devices now all over the world. Because of user-friendly GUI and more features, Android is the most used smartphones. Every day, we use tons of Wi-Fi, available in colleges or schools, gym, train, vehicle or home; usually, our Android devices saved this Wi-Fi access for future ease.
 But if we want to connect the same network over other devices, we need to access the Wi-Fi password, which is unknown. So, in this article, we are listing some methods on How To See WIFI Password on Android

If our device is rooted, it’s too easy to check for Wi-Fi password of the connected device. For this you need to follow these some simple steps:

How to find Wi-Fi Password in Rooted Android phone:

1.    Simply Download ES File Explorer from play-store.

2.    Open the application, look for the option Root Explorer in tools and enable it.

3.    After enabling it, you need to redirect to Device option

4.    Follow this sequence of instruction inside Device:

5.    data -> misc -> wpa_supplement.conf -> HTML Viewer

6.    Search SSID and PSK, where your Wi-Fi name and Password is stored

You can also access the Wi-Fi password in a rooted device with the help of a third party application called “Wi-Fi Key Recovery”, available in Play-store. Simply download the application, follow the basic steps to check out the Wi-Fi password of saved networks.

Note: This application is not meant to crack a Wi-Fi password.

Above steps only works for a rooted device, what if we want to view Wi-Fi password in Non-rooted Android devices. Follow these simple steps.

How to find Wi-Fi Password in Non-Rooted Android Phone:

Note: Your device needs to connect to a network, whose Wi-Fi password you wish to check out.   
If the network is under the high security then, it is impossible to check Wi-Fi of that network, the only option is to root your device.

1.    Click on the connected Wi-Fi, and look for the website gateway page (i.e IP address of that network) or you can install the application called “Router Setup Page”, to access the gateway of the connected network.

2.    If the IP address page of the connected Wi-Fi has a strong password, you can’t see the password of that network.

3.    After getting the IP address, open it on your any browser. It will ask for username: and password:

4.    Usually, in most of the network, username = admin and password = admin. Sometime this username and password might fail to work.

5.    Check for wireless option and you can access the Wi-Fi password.
Hope this small article on How To See WIFI Password on Android, is helpful for you.

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