Iphone Not Charging ? Here Is Solution

iPhone Not Charging? Here Is Solution

Hello everyone.
Okay so if you guys have an issue with your iPhone not charging then there is a really a very easy solution for you.
Iphone Not Charging
 fixed Iphone Not Charging
 Basically, you can do several things for iPhone not charging solution.
the first thing you can do is go ahead and change you wall-outlet, just use a different one .or you can even use other if you have something similar to iPhone like android dot paper.
sometimes because of cable iPhone not charging, you can try changing those cable too. 
and the best way to find about bad cable is to try charging your phone using your friend’s cable
doing this you came to sure either you have to change your cable or not.
 and also  gunk in your iPhone charging port may cause iPhone Not Charging simply go ahead and brush the gunk out of your iPhone charging port
Iphone Not Charging
Charging port

Hope this will help you solving Iphone Not Charging issued.
thank you

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