TechnicalGH’s Tips to Making Money Online! And Success in Life!

Hello everyone, I’m just posting a few tips to help new people to make money online, now these aren’t methods, but they are ways of thought to help you make sure you are making money instead of losing money online!

TechnicalGH’s Tips to Making Money Online!

Tip # 1. Follow what everybody else does!

Now there are a few people who are going to say otherwise, but im going to tell you exactly why you want to do this. First and foremost while it is good to try and develop your own strategy, usually you are not going to have much success if you are really new to making money online. One of the best things you can do when you are new to Internet marketing, is follow what methods are proven. First establish yourself, learn the tricks of the trade, master the “beginner/general” methods. Once you start to make a small amount of money each day, you can think about scaling/altering your method to make more money, and if that doesn’t work, just start on a new niche, that way you can apply what you already know and make more, rather than struggling from the start and not having any income in between methods/ideas. Try and aim for $5-10 a day stable income before altering your method, and always make sure you give enough time for a new method to be tested, give it a week! What happens if its low the first day and higher the rest? If you cut it off on the first day, your losing potential money and opportunity

Tip # 2. Don’t buy ebooks.

If something is too good to be true, then chances are it is. There is no ebook that is going to guarantee x amount of $ a day. Sure most ebooks can make you a little money, but most of the time, authors wait until their method is dying/semi-saturated before they sell their ebook. Why give a perfectly good method away if its making bank? Buying ebooks means your buying a method that more likely then not used and dying, and will not make you a consistent income. Free ebooks have many of the basics that you can learn for free, sometimes they also contain old saturated paid methods, that could possibly be modified for a new method! 

Tip # 3. Stay consistent.

If you want to make money online, and have a good stable income, then just like any other job you are going to have to work. Remember consistency is key, you can’t show up to work whenever you feel like, so you shouldn’t be online either. Set a designated time everyday for making money online, if you can’t do it everyday, then scheduled a longer period of time you can work online. Try and always be moving forward and not just sitting or plateauing where you are.
If you are struggling in one area, then move onto the next. Make more money than go back, when you have made money rather than delaying making potential income.

Tip # 4. Set goals!

No matter what it is, setting a goal is always the best way to achieve what you want. Most of the time we set goals without even thinking about it, most people here have the goal to make money online. But was that a goal you set yourself? Or just something you wanted to do. Having a goal is doing, so always be doing something and you’ll reach all sorts of goals. Make affirmations, change what you need to change in your life to reach your goals. But make sure you have the exact image of what reaching your goal will be, or else you will fight blindly reaching for it.

Tip # 5. Keep your eye on the ball.

Never ever, lose sight and think that things are impossible. Life is a big test, and success is your reward for perseverance. Keep trying, the best way to achieve your goal is to keep trying, trying something new, but always be putting efforts into your goal. The world we live in is one made up of molecules, all of which can be influenced by vibration at different wavelengths. Always be putting effort and positive vibration into things you do and life will be at your mercy.
You reap what you sow, so sow a lot of seeds, and work hard in planting them, what you will reap is success, and happiness. Keep in mind not all seed will even sprout, but planting in bulk is always better than relying on one or two to sustain you. Life is not to achieve your goals, now go out there and try your best in everything you do. Hopefully the seeds maybe bountiful!

Tip # 6. Time is your most valuable resource.

Never waste your time with people, drama, or anything that can take away from the time you put toward achieving your goal. Whether you feel like it or not just do it, you’ll be happy to see the results of when you spend your time and effort on your goals. Use your time wisely, and when you are in face of distraction, remove it. Just like #5 says spend your time on goals and not on anything else, because 5 -10 years what are you going to remember? The first time you made $100 in a day online, or that youtube video about a guy playing videogames? Don’t waste it, because in the end you’ll be beginning for more of it.

Tip # 7. Re-invest!

Sure that first payment may look good going toward that new phone you’ve been wanted. But usually you have to spend money to make money, and will need to reinvest the money that you do make.

Tip # 8. Save!

Try and save your money and be very frugal, always look for new deals whether it be in real life or online, for example, if you have a website, and need hosting, a lot of new services offer trials. Use their free trials and just keep cycling through them as new businesses open up. Being frugal does not make you anything but wise. When you do make a pretty penny online, make sure you divide it into four ways.
Reinvestment – Expansion, new services, new hosting etc
Bank/Savings – When you need cash you will have it!
Spending Money – Towards non-business purchases!
Costs – The amount of money you anticipate/will spend
Sometimes niches get taken down, hosting goes down, etc, just like a wise farmer does, save food for the drought. (In your case money)
You will never know when a new expense comes up.

Tip # 9. Take a break. Work hard, play hard. 

You will spend more time recovering from over working yourself than, just resting in between work periods. Sure it is nice to get everything done in one day, but at what expense? Your health is more valuable than anything that money could ever buy. Enjoy yourself, relax, and have fun, life isn’t about stress, its about enjoyment and success. That being said, don’t be lazy, always be ready to work, and be ready to endure some setbacks, it isn’t easy, but once you reach your goals it becomes that much easier!

Tip # 10. Change your environment.

Success starts at home, if you need to clean up your room, move furniture, paint your room, etc. Do anything that will make your environment easier to work in. Life is easier when you can just ease into work, rather than having to mentally devote brain power to convince yourself to start. Having a clean, cool and overall cozy environment can help you feel and perform better. Do your best to create a stress free work environment. 

Tip # 11. Always remember who you are.

Success can be life changing, but always thank cherish and remember those who you worked with, and helped you reach where you are. Don’t hesitate to send your thanks, and always be regretful for what you do have. We don’t need any more rude, and ignorant people in this world than we already do. Do good, and good things will happen to you. Same being doing bad things. Be the best you can be, and no matter who you are, where you are, what you look like, or what you can do, people will respect and cherish the fact that you are carving into life and leaving your mark.
Well that’s all my tips for now, it’s a long read but I hope it helps anyone who is struggling to realize that we all are in this together, and life is much more than just suffering and struggling. All the best to you and best of luck in everything that you do!

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