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Top 5 Best Hacking Apps For Android 

Are you interested in learning to hack? if yes, and you sure want to know some hacking application in your Android Phone? If yes, then here in this article we are listing Top 5 Best hacking apps for Android.
Best hacking apps for Android

Android is the most used smartphones now in the world. With more than 60% of people of Asian region is using Android in compare to ios. Because of more user-friendly and more resource available over the internet, Android is used most. 
Android OS is based on Linux Operating System. If your phone is rooted Android devices will become the fully featured computer machine. But no matter your phone is rooted or not, there are tons of hacking application available for Android Devices.  Based on the review in play store and of our own experience here is the list of Top 5 Best hacking apps for Android.

Your Android device now has the more advanced features and functionality that support such application and could make your device a small hacking toolkit.
Note:- The application listed down below only works in Rooted Devices. 


ZANTI is the popular Penetration Testing toolkit for Android. After installing this application in your Android phone, you can access some features such as changing the MAC Address of your phone, hijacking HTTP session, replacing images with links, creating malicious Wi-Fi hotspot etc. 
Best hacking apps for Android

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AndroRAT is the Remote Administration Tool for Android devices. This application is used in retrieving the contacts, call logs, the message along with their detail information; one can monitor life phone calls and messages, sending text messages and many more.
Best hacking apps for Android

WPS Connect:

WPS Connect is a Wi-Fi hacking tool for rooted Android devices. In the maximum number of Android phone, this application is working its function. With this application, you can access the Wi-Fi network of any password protected and also this application is used to disconnect the user’s net who is using your Wi-Fi network.
Best hacking apps for Android
This application is mainly designed to the one, who already have some experience of penetration testing. CSploit is a Penetration suite Android Network Analysis device and offers advanced tools and techniques to manage your network. This application is used to install a backdoor, cracking Wi-Fi password, finding vulnerabilities and their exploits.
Best hacking apps for Android
It’s the most common application every hacker used in their Android devices. The main features of this application are Traceroute, DNS Lookup, Whois, Google Dorks, Scanning, Google Hacking and many more.
Best hacking apps for Android

These were the Top 5 Best hacking apps for Android. These toolkits are just to learn some basic hacking skills.
The Application is intended for Security Research purpose and one must not use it illegally

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