What Is Difference Between Intranet And Extranet

What Is Difference Between Intranet And Extranet
Hello Everyone, In the last post we have discussed what is the difference between intranet and internet if you haven’t read then click here and today we are you going to explain the difference between intranet and extranet. 

Difference Between Intranet And Extranet


1. Intranet can be defined as a private network that is used within an organization or enterprise.           Intranet used by the organization consists of a wide range of information and services that are
  used within the organization, this information is not made available to the people outside the organization.

2. The intranet is used within an organization.

3. Intranet only extends within the organization.

4. Collaboration is possible only with the employees of the organization.

5. An intranet is cheap to implement.

6. The intranet is secure than extranet in the sense that the data will only be circulated within the organization.

7. Data sharing with different organizations is not possible.

Examples of Intranet:
Veryconnect, Speakap, Sharepoint


1. The extranet is like intranet where an organization creates a private network which can be accessed by authorized personals but in the case of the extranet, the service can be accessed by the partners, vendors, or an authorized set of customers also. The service is still a private network created by an organization.
2. An extranet can consist of many organizations, vendors, customers.
3. Extranet covers a large area of interconnected networks.

4. Collaboration with a different organization for joint projects is possible using extranet.

5. The extranet is expensive to implement.

6. The extranet is not as close as intranet which makes is venerable to data leakage as users can hack and access unauthorized data.

7. It is possible to exchange data between different organizations.
Examples of Extranet:

Fashion companies such as FOREVER 21.

Universities, FEDEX 

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