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What is Intranet?

Intranet can be defined as a private network that is used within an organization or enterprise. Intranet used by the organization consists of a wide range of information and services that are used within the organization, this information is not made available to the people outside the organization. 

This information and data are created by the organization for the people within the organization to be used and shared. An intranet is created using Local Area Network(LAN) or Wide Area Network(WAN) using TCP/IP, HTTP, and other internet protocols.

 This implementation allows the organization to create their own search engines, user profiles, mobile applications, etc to access the intranet.In a simple form, the intranet is like the internet but the information and services are only used within the organization.

What is intranet.

Large organizations use the intranet for simple tasks like sharing information, documents, schedules too much more complex tasks as storing customer data, project management, cooperate directories, etc to increase productivity. Some benefits of an intranet are:

  •        Time: Intranet allows information to be distributed quickly to everyone within the organization.

  •         Communication: intranet can be very beneficial for mass communication within the organization as everyone within the organization will be connected to the network which makes the passing of information simpler and effortless.

  •        Cost-efficient: As information can be pass to everyone within the organization via e-mail or message this reduces the use of physical material i.e paper, requisition forms practically saving money and time.

  •         Collaboration: As information can be accessed and viewed by all the employees of the organizations in real time via third-party applications it allows for interaction among the employees, finds places for improvement and discussion of new ideas.

  •         Immediate update:  intranet allows the organization to provide the employees with “live” updates so they are up-to-date with the current changes

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