YouTube With The New Messaging Feature |Youtube Messages Mobile

YouTube With The New Messaging Feature

Youtube Messages Mobile 

YouTube the world’s greatest video sharing website/platform has introduced a new feature called Messaging feature. (“Youtube Messages Mobile“) Previously, it had a feature of messaging only in the phone. Now, this has been rectified and altered to bring out messaging feature from mobile to web. This needs to be connected with your google account and you can share videos, chat with your friends, talk anything about the videos.

Your favorite one will not miss out the best videos as you can share yourself while you are within the app itself. This can be accessed in android and IOS too and the upgrade has given its access to the web. This feature allows content to be shared in private conversations like the messaging app, you can like the content and messages by just leaving a heart as like Instagram features. This expanded the use of social network. Users can also add up their friends with this new feature called ‘You May Know’. The update has made users to feel easy, they will be able to share the content even if they are in the middle of the video.

youtube messages mobile
source: Theverge

Google, a parent for YouTube announced that it will be beneficial for both Google play music and YouTube red brands. The company has set a goal of launching a new premium service ‘YouTube Music’. This launch combines YouTube music and YouTube premium which users will get to watch original series by YouTube and yes ad-free video $12 a month. Furthermore, it is set to develop a YouTube kids app which helps parents answer questionable contents.
 This is all about the new features called Messaging feature/(“Youtube Messages Mobile“).

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